Adjusting Your Skin Care Routine For Summer

    Adjusting Your Skin Care Routine For Summer

    The hot summer days can be particularly challenging for those who have their skin care routines down to a T. Warmer temperatures means that a few things in your regimen have to change, from what you have to apply and what you need to wear. Here’s a couple of pointers to get you set for the sunny months.

    1) Sunscreen Application

    This goes without saying - protection against the sun’s harmful UVB rays is a main focus for this blog post. Take it from me - I failed to apply sunscreen on myself during a beach trip a few years ago, and by nighttime, the skin on my back was peeling. The typical rules still apply: get a sunscreen 15+ or higher (but never more than 50), reapply every two hours when out and about, and apply generously to exposed areas. Some of our favorites here at DewyGlowSkin are EltaMD’s selection of sunscreen products, ranging from skin-tone tinted sunscreen to sunscreens suited for active lifestyles.

    2) Exfoliate… but watch out

    Is using an exfoliator during the summer months still a good idea? Absolutely. But, it should be used with caution. Constant exposure to the sun, especially when out all day, can cause the skin to be more sensitive than usual. AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) can be particularly stinging and unhelpful to your skin’s health. We recommend calmer treatments like Babor’s gentler exfoliator, or Le Mieux’s milder exfoliating cleansing gel.

    3) Shade up, take cover

    What’s the best way to avoid sunburn and other sun-related skin mishaps? Simple. Stay away from the sun’s rays at its peak hours (typically from 10 AM to 4 PM, but it depends). The best place to stay is in shaded areas, but if you prefer some upkeep over a long period of travel, wear thicker, opaque fabrics, hats, and sunglasses graded for high UV protection.

    4) Stay light

    If there’s anything important with a summer routine, it’s staying light on your skincare products. Heavier products like oil-based moisturizers or balms can make your skin feel greasy when combined with sweat. Our best products for a lighter feel are COSRX’s lightweight soothing moisturizers and creams, innisfree’s lightweight sunscreen, and Avène’s lightweight moisturizer.  

    5) Hey, makeup works too 

    Did you know that certain makeup products have SPF protection? While it is a step lower than using sunscreen, certain makeup SPF products can provide some protection against sun damage. Do keep in mind though, sunscreen is always the best method of defense against UVBs. Some of our SPF rated makeup materials include Jane Iredale’s Loose Mineral Powder

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