As the skin around the eyes is thinner and more fragile, it is one of the first areas to show aging. This is also the reason why it is not surprising many of us rely on skincare products like eye creams to prevent age-related changes. 

    Eye creams are a product that can split the beauty industry into two camps, one side believes eye creams are a hugely beneficial step in your skincare routine to help combat the signs of aging like fine line and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. The other side’s opinion is that eye cream is nothing more than a face moisturizer in a small pot. Whichever side you decide to join both want to have bright, youthful and well-rested eyes, which is where we come in and share with you everything we’ve learnt about treating your under eyes and how to find the best eye cream for you.

    Eye creams can help make you look younger by reducing the appearance of crow’s feet. You can also turn to this product to make you look more awake, reduce puffiness, and brighten dark circles. There are also formulas that can help tighten the skin around the eyes and strengthen the skin. 

    How to properly care for your under eyes: 

    • Use an eye cream in the morning- Be sure to use an eye cream every morning containing hyaluronic acid or vitamin C to help revive the skin, reduce any puffiness and make your eyes feel bright and awake.
    • Use a retinol eye serum in the evenings- Use an eye serum containing retinol in the evenings to help combat signs of age. Retinol is extremely potent so choose a product with a low percentage, to begin with, and introduce the product slowly to your routine. You may find that retinol eye serums sting or tingle when you first apply them, which is normal, however, should the stinging continue, rinse the eyes with water and discontinue using it.
    • Get your beauty sleep- Getting those precious 6-8 hours of sleep is hugely important for the eyes. Sleeping on your back will also help as laying on your front or side will cause puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.
    • Protect your eyes from the sun- Sun damage can also affect the eyes, with UV creating free radicals that can damage the skin and also make us squint which leads to crow’s feet. Be sure to use an SPF every day, even on cloudy days, and wear sunglasses and hats to protect the face and eyes.
    • Drink plenty of water- We seem to say this a lot, but keeping yourself hydrated will help keep your skin plumped, healthy and glowing.
    • Maintain a healthy diet- Sugar, caffeine, saturated fats may all taste yummy, but your skin really does hate them! Your skin needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to remain healthy and without these the signs of aging are exasperated.

    How to choose the right eye cream:

    It is best to take into consideration your skin type and any concerns or problems you have with your skin. Try avoiding products that are too heavy for your sensitive eye area as this can cause puffiness and irritation. Lightweight gel formulas with high amounts of hyaluronic acid will work well for many different skin types. 

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