The right skin care routine starts with knowing your skin type. Skin care products that are one size fits all rarely work, and it’s because your skin needs tailored products and solutions based on your skin type. 
    Do you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin? 
    Knowing what order to apply skin care products plays a big role in the effectiveness of your regimen. Get the most out of your favorite formulas by following these simple steps.
    1: CLEANSE 
    Let’s talk about why facial cleansing is so important for a morning skincare routine, and night. Starting with a clean slate is key for any effective regimen. Use your cleanser of choice in the morning and evening before applying any other products to rid the skin of dirt and debris, allowing the rest of your regimen to absorb and perform as intended.
    2: TONE 
    60% of women are adding a toning step after cleansing.  The average woman will spend around $23 on a facial toner. Once used to balance the skin’s pH in a time where overdrying cleansers were the norm, toners now offer a plethora of benefits. Whether you prefer a soothing spritz or a purifying essence, incorporate a toner to prep skin for the rest of your regimen.
    Let’s talk about benefits of serums. The foundation of most regimens, treatments and serums often possess a fluid-like consistency that allows them to deeply penetrate the skin. For this reason, they are best used before thicker formulations like creams and emulsions. From retinol to vitamin C serums, using these formulas at the right time sets your regimen and your complexion up for success. Serums are typically used for those that are looking to go the extra mile to repair and protect to get a younger, healthier looking skin.
    4: EYECREAM 
    89% of women claim to use an eye cream every morning and evening. One of the most common areas for fine lines and wrinkles is under the eyes.  Fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area can come from sun damage, lack of sleep, dehydration and more. The eye area may be small, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impactful on your appearance. Apply an eye cream that addresses crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness or a combination of these concerns to maintain striking, youthful eyes.
    Regardless of skin type, everyone needs a moisturizer in their regimen. These products tend to be on the thicker side, ranging from lotions to creams and balms. Their rich formulations work best as a top layer to seal in moisture and the benefits of every product applied up to this point.
    During the day, remember to apply sunscreen following your moisturizer of choice to prevent sun damage and premature aging. Applying sun protection last creates a barrier between the complexion you work so hard to maintain and harmful UV rays, so don’t neglect this important step! Remember to apply skin care products in this order to see the best results possible!




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